Prices below are estimates, your commission can vary depending on the complexity of your idea, please refer to my Instagram for more examples of my work
Simple portrait, gradient background

Starting from 100 USD
Objects, Simple to no Background

Starting from 100 USD
Portrait, low detail background

Starting from 200 USD
Portrait + background and/or objects

Starting from 300 USD
Portrait, high detail background

Starting from 450 USD

The average prices listed above are for PERSONAL COMMISSIONS only.

As a personal/private commission, you can use the piece 

As your profile picture, posting it on social media (with proper credits and on low resolution, to avoid theft/reproduction)
Print it for personal purposes or as a gift to someone else

I retain all rights to the piece and you may not

Use it in any type of commercial endeavor
Sell it as prints of your own business
Any type of activity that would perceive monetary gain

Any type of Crypto/NFT activity is absolutely prohibited and I won’t be taking any project related to Crypto/NFTs

 If you wish to acquire commercial rights, please make sure to let me know when you’re inquiring for a commissioned piece. Take into account the prices will go up. 

Take into account you’re writing to me as the Artist because you’re interested in my artist expression/manners/style. I will not be copying other artists’ style and having this in your inquiry will result in the immediate rejection of your commission.

I only receive commission inquiries through , please make sure not to send your request through social media DMs since it will most likely not be read in a timely fashion. 

For sending your inquiry, please make sure to take the following into account:

Commission type (some examples above)
Character / Commission idea details and references. Be as thorough as you can, including personality traits if it’s something that you’d consider important for a portrait. Please attach ONLY JPGs or PNGs, and refrain from sending links (i.e. Dropbox or platforms of the sorts) In the case there are very specific details to your character/commission, please describe them to avoid any confusion in the case of sending references (e.g. fabric materials, specific jewerly)
Your full name and address will be required for the invoice. A Paypal email must be provided to send the invoice (read Payment for more information)

I will respond to the inquiry providing an estimate of the commission price based on the received information. Take into account the prices listed above are but examples and rates can vary depending on the complexity of the request.

If the estimate is approved, I will send the invoice through PayPal (read Payment for more information). To pay the invoice is to agree to the Artist’s Terms and conditions.

All commissions must be paid in full except in the case of the commission exceeding 1500 USD, in which case, there  can be a payment plan with 50% of the payment required beforehand. No work will be sent until all has been paid in full.

Paypal is preferred for the payment method for amounts up to 1000 USD (per transaction). If the commission exceeds this amount and the client is willing to pay in full, a bank transfer will be preferred, with the necessary Bank Account details provided. In this case, the invoice will be sent through a previously agreed email in the form of a PDF file. 

I reserve the right to rescind acceptance and cancel the commission at any point for any reason. Possible reasons for canceling the commission may be: harassment, broken communication, lack of direction and constant changes, health/personal issues.

The client can request a refund at any given time. However, the refund conditions will vary depending on the process of the project:

If the piece hasn't been started, the client will receive a refund in full
If the piece is in process, the client will receive a partial refund based on the amount of time the piece has already been worked on.
If the piece is finished or very closed to finish, the client will not receive a refund

In any of these cases, no files will be provided. 

After payment has been received, A sketch will be provided during the following days via email. In this stage, it’s important to voice out any minor change required by the client, which won’t be subjected to extra charges.

Any key details that might’ve been missed by the artist (e.g. wrong eye color, missing jewerly, scars) will not incur an extra fee SO LONG as these details were previously provided during the inquiry stage. In the case of  minor changes that weren’t previously agreed upon, there will be an extra fee of 1-10% of the price which will be determined by the artist.
Major changes such as overall color palette, poses, features, will not be accepted if they weren’t talked about during the sketch stage.


The average delivery for the piece is 2-6 weeks, clients will be provided with 1-2 updates per week  (i.e one at the start and towards the end of the week or one around every Wednesday). If the client has a set deadline for the commission, please make sure to state so in the inquiry. No more than 2 updates will be provided per week and demanding more than that will be considered harassment. 

All finished pieces are sent through Wetransfer in the following file types:

JPEG/PNG low res file
TIFF or JPG high res file (for printing)
No editable files will be provided


All rights reserved.

The Artist retains rights to all the work, preliminary studies, work in progress files and any given file produced by the Artist during the process. The Artist agrees to declare being the sole creator of the work and that nothing in the work infringes the copyright of any third party.
Nothing in this project prevents the Artist from creating future pieces in the Artist’s manner and style(s). 

I will draw
Human & humanoid features (I'm not versed in furry but I can try!)
Artistic nudity (includes shibari in its simpler poses) (no explicit genitalia) 
Patterns, objects
Flora & Fauna, nature
Surreal / Symbolic / Mystic / Fantasy

I will NOT draw
Any type of paraphilia nor fetishes
Discriminatory speech (Transphobia, Xenophobia, Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, Ableism)
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